Interview: Olivia Humby, Content Creator.

Here is my second interview of where I ask local content creators their thoughts on social media and it's effects on mental health. I asked @livvrh her thoughts and this is what she told me...

1. How do you find being an influencer in today's society?

I think it really depends on the type of influencer you are and the type of person you are / the type of following you’ve got. I find being influencer today hard work, demanding but enjoyable and really rewarding.

2. Do you feel the pressures of social media?

Definitely. But in lots of different ways, sometimes it’s just the pressure to reply to everyone and to every comment. Which I think is a pressure I put upon myself and not is not always expected of me. Other pressures are physical, mental and/or political. You have to be really careful about what you say on certain subjects, what you share to do with your life to be sure you’re not putting yourself in any danger (e.g giving away where you live) and that can be really hard when you are blissfully trying to just share with a nice bits.

But I do you also make it my goal to chat openly and a levelled amount about things that life throws at you, which I think is another pressure I potentially put on myself because it can be hard to share the bad bits sometimes but there are good you get out of it, 1) you find out that you’re not the anyone feeling like that 2) you help others that going through it helps them not to feel alone.

3. How do you think social media can be used to boost mental health and empower people?

Social media can empower people in so many ways. You can empower them to make changes you can empower them to reflect, be less judge mental on themselves. But to be able to do all those things, they have to curate your Instagram carefully. To do that you’ve got to only follow the accounts are actually make you feel good. Which I think a lot of people aren’t consciously doing enough at the moment because they’ve been following certain accounts for a long time and therefore are unaware that subconsciously that might be making them feel a certain way.

4. What do you think the dangers of social media are?

This relates to what I’ve just said above, but it can make you be very judgemental on your own self.

It can make you feel like everybody else’s living the best life and making everything look perfect and beautiful when you feel like yours isn’t. So from a mental health perspective it can have really detrimental effects effects which is why I would suggest time is spent curating your feed. Imagine it’s like your home-made magazine and the accounts are the different pages that you want to see.

5. Which social media platform do you use the most and why do you prefer it to the others?

Instagram. I prefer it because it is visual, and because it has stories. I know Facebook now has, but it’s not the same. I also think the use of Facebook and Instagram is quite different now and it’s also more succinct and think that a lot of the time which means it’s a quicker platform to use I guess.

6. What do you feel your role is being an influencer in 2020?

I'd like to spread positivity reality and encourage good mental health and physical health in a balanced way. Alongside creating fun and creative content on make up and styling fashion and lifestyle so it’s a really full circle of things.