Interview: Carly Rowena, Health and Fitness Blogger.

I have always looked up to Carly Rowena as someone so positive in the light of social media and although she doesn't favour the term 'influencer', I have always found her to be incredibly influential towards my thought processes and outlooks. She has a positive spin on life but doesn't paint life to be rosy all the time. She is incredibly real, open and honest and that's what I LOVE about her. Carly promotes a healthy lifestyle of positive mental health, self love, fitness and healthy eating. I decided to interview Carly as I was interested in her take on how she finds her space in the 'bloggers' world and being on social media for her career.

Here's what I found out...

Q: How do you find being an influencer in today's society?

A: I feel incredibly proud, (even though I hate the term ‘influencer’ - I feel much more like a creator) I am proud to be in an industry that allows individuals of all ages across the world to become self employed, to work with brands they’ve always loved and invested in, to support new business and inspire and connect with strangers across the world.

Q: Do you feel the pressures of social media?

A: Of course. It’s the most sociable, yet unsociable job there is. You spend most of your days talking-online to people you’ve never met from behind a camera, a phone or computer and it can be quite lonely. Unlike most jobs there are no hours of work, which means you end up working all of them, you never truly log off and the pressure to always be working can be very overwhelming. Of course with social media comes the pressure to set a good example to those who follow you but you soon learn the lesson that you can be the most juicy peach in the supermarket, yet there’s always someone who will hate peaches.

Q: How do you think social media can be used to boost mental health and empower women?

A: I truly hope that my account helps to empower men and women. I’ve always tried to be as honest as possible across my platforms and am so happy to see that more and more creators and celebrities are following suit. Sharing that we all have good and bad days can only help others to feel less alone.

Q: What do you think the dangers of social media are?

A: Comparison, jealously and loneliness are strongly interlinked with social media. Most people are posting a highlight reel and it can leave people who are not in the industry feeling inadequate and craving a lifestyle that isn’t real life. Loneliness is rising year on year and i feel it’s because people are losing the skill of interacting, we’re always looking down at our phones, adding filters or pretending to be something we’re not which can leave you feeling lost when around people.

Q: Which social media platform do you use the most and why do you prefer it to the others?

A: Instagram stories is my favourite, it’s real, it’s instant and it’s an amazing way to really connect with your following. I also adore Tik Tok because it’s amazing to see people promoting their own talents and actually having fun without adding a filter or pink sky!

Q: What do you feel your role is being an influencer in 2020?

A: To keep sharing my authentic self, to be honest and post the good, the bad, the ugly, while encouraging others to do the same!




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